Graphic Design

Here at Creative Fold we offer a comprehensive graphic design service covering all facets of graphic design. From brochures, marketing/ promotional collateral, annual reports, advertising and digital marketing/ EDM's. Creative Fold can give your business a professional, unique visual personality that conveys your point of difference.


Identity and Brand Design

Having a well designed visual personality is the backbone of any successful company. An identity with a unique concept, forms an important part of the overall brand for your company. At Creative Fold we understand that the presentation of your business identity and brand elements should be consistent across all your marketing channels so your customers have an instant rapport and trust with you and your business.

Websites and Digital Marketing

Websites and digital marketing are an excellent tool to get your business out there. Having an online presence makes it easy for your customers to find you and your product or service. At Creative Fold we can design and deliver all your digital design needs. We specialise in creating digital marketing strategies that can be easily controlled and maintained by you.

Signage and Environmental Graphics

Creative Fold have an in-depth understanding of creating  branded environments and wayfinding systems. Integrating architecture and interior spaces with graphic applications can enhance and create a positive memorable customer experience. We work seamlessly along side architects and interior designers to produce distinctive, brand integrated interior and exterior environments.


Make yourself at home!

Let's create, I'd like to make you comfortable with my design process.


Step 1

We like to get to know you and your company. Uncover who you are and what you do. This discovery informs everything we do and is the key to how we can help better promote your product or service.


Step 2

Once we've turned the page on what you need, an action list and project outline is compiled and sent to you. This is our guide to creative collaboration.

Step 3

Let the creative folding begin! We work our magic around the information gathered and work on the creative and distinct ideas that best suit the brief we have discussed.

Step 4

Let's come together and create. An informal workshop is the best place to combine knowledge and discuss ideas. Uncovering the best outcomes for the brief. We take these ideas and further develop the concept.

Step 5

The final workshop where the magic is revealed! Minor tweaks are made and then Voila! end result...

A creative solution that is tailored to your business needs!